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Mountain View, CA
reply to sbconslt

Re: Why does my wireless adapter suck?

said by sbconslt:

Get your updated drivers from Intel too, it may not be that but it ain't gonna hurt.

This is actually incredibly applicable.

Intel's wireless drivers, at least for some wifi NIC models, have been known to have bugs in them (historically (e.g. 3-4 years ago)) where performance/signal dropped horrendously. I believe this was tracked down to a problem pertaining to power-saving capabilities of the NIC being aggressively enforced (despite what was chosen in Windows). Our IT dept. at my previous job, when Windows 7 was rolled out, started getting tons of reports of wireless drop-outs and most of them were attributed to said driver bug. Thankfully Intel keeps driver changelogs. I believe the issue I'm referring to was specific to the 3945ABG.

So yes, driver version matters quite a bit!
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Los Angeles, CA

Intel serves them here »downloadcenter.intel.com/default.aspx

Select "Wireless Networking" under product family.

Usually new driver versions are available here months before manufacturers' support departments repackage them.