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[CATV] message received from Tech support to fix the PAC 12 netw

As some of you may have seen I have posted on this board previously regarding the aspect ratio of the PAC 12 network, below is a partial copy and paste from and e-mail received from tech support to fix the problem.

The first e-mail I got was for a completely different system than what I got, this e-mail was a correction of that message

"We apologize for the confusion our previous steps may have caused. Rest assured, we have specific steps for customers making use of the Cox Whole Home DVR receivers. For your convenience, we have listed the steps for this equipment below:

- Turn off the HD set top receiver, but leave the TV on.

- Unplug one end of the HDMI cable.

- On the front of the HD receiver, press and hold down both the Volume and Channel - (minus) buttons for 5 seconds until the Setup Wizard displays onscreen.

Result: If a screen displays on the TV indicating to press B on the remote to use high definition (HDTV) mode."

Can someone tell me how the TV is going to display anything from the reciever with the HDMI unplugged?????? I should also say that these steps did not work either...I left the HDMI plugged in and nothing happens with the unit off, and when its on it just makes the guide go nuts

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Re: [CATV] message received from Tech support to fix the PAC 12

For continuity, »[CATV] pac 12 network HD

Atlanta, GA
If you can tell me what system / city you are in, I'll be glad to send this over to a contact there.

- Jim



I'm in Mesa, AZ and the system is the WH Cisco DVR


reply to CoxJimR
I should add that the PAC-12 network is the only channel I have this problem with....all of the other HD channels have the correct aspect ratio

Oklahoma City, OK
said by nybill38 :

I should add that the PAC-12 network is the only channel I have this problem with....all of the other HD channels have the correct aspect ratio

Makes it sound like it's more of a problem on their end then, not yours. I have my DVR set to output everything at 1080i (I use component video cables which go through my A/V Receiver so 1080i is the max resolution) so that my TV is always at a 1920 x 1080i resolution.

Problem's with what the PAC-12 network is sending out or Cox's handling of the stream they get from them. Is the PAC-12 channel actually HD or just the normal SD broadcast in some kind of stretch-o-vision mode?

I don't have the channel so I can't test it.


I'm pretty sure the problem is not in my house, but you know how it is (unplug, change this, do that etc)

from what I can tell its all of the programming that is this way, even the only live event i've seen. The picture was stretched so much that the on screen score wasn't even visable.

Atlanta, GA
I sent a note this morning and asked someone to look at it.


Phoenix, AZ

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reply to nybill38
I'm not seeing any real problems with aspect ratio on either the sd or hd pac12 channels in phoenix on either my cox stb or my media center pc... only problem I see is the sd version seems to be a bit blurry from downrezing the hd.

They do have a lot of 4x3 content... most classic games and older content done this way appear normal (or at least far more normal than tntHDs stretch-o-vision) but often new interviews shot in 4x3 are often stretched in the newscasts but that is just the nature of how the broadcaster chooses to do it.

If you are seeing this with everything, I wonder if there is some auto stretch setting on your tv or stb as on the SD version of the channel, when viewed on my media center pc, in addition to the letterboxing, I notice a 5-10px border on top, left and right sides and about 20-25 px on the bottom. On the HD feed there is no apparent left/right border, maybe a pixel or two on the top, and the same 20px on the bottom... in hd, this bottom border looks more intentional to raise the ticker scrolling at the bottom as it appears more blue than just a shade gray of black. Its also possible that for some content, when you combine the ticker and the bottom border you are left with about a 16x8.5 "frame" in which to display the 16x9 content which may seem a little strange depending on how they decide to fill that space, I think they often choose to maintain the proper aspect ratio, cutting off the sides, rather than distorting the image.

edit: I probably should have said zooming in rather than cutting off the sides and/or cut off from top/bottom since I believe it does appear to go edge to edge. Unfortunately they aren't showing the ticker now (never not seen the ticker before) so I can't take another look at this time.


I definately think its either the channel or Cox, I went through every possible setting on my TV and STB last night and it appears that the HD is being stretched, when I do get it to display properly (meaning all of the graphics are on the screen) every other channel is now pillared (HD and SD).

You are right, the SD version is horrible, in some cases its shrunk so much that you are only using about 1/3rd of the screen