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Snohomish, WA

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Re: Satellite

Or is is it more likely that most of it is not coruption ( at least not in the deliberate sense) and the promoters of each of these really believes it is important just as many here think fiber is important, and that given the current budget, that their idea should survive while others are cut.

I think if you look back to the reasons behind most programs you would likely find a compelling reason for most of them AS ORIGINALLY CONCIEVED.
the problem is, by the time they make it through the current legislative process, and survive budget cuts and program adjustment and modification of focus, both from the legislative side and the bureaucracy charged with running it, it is sometimes almost impossible to see that early purpose, and it costs many times what it was thought it would on day one.

It is time to begin considering each and every program and law to consider if it continues to serve a useful purpose NOW and to prepare to phase out those that don't. The tax code needs the same sort of " spring cleaning" but neither can change instantly.
I doubt we'll end up spending less, but maybe we can spend it better.
In the mean time I'm unsure if you will find support to take on another HUGE program, even if it would be wise to do so as a twenty year plan.