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Re: New Parts, Different Errors Every Post...

Sorry my mind was busy last night and I was all over the place.

Basically I ordered new parts to merge with old. I'll list everything..

Ordered a brand new:

Asrock Z77 Extreme 4
Corsair Vengenace RAM
i5 3570K
eVGA 660TI

Merged it with my:

Corsair 750W PSU
WD Raptor 10,000RPM HD
A+ Diablo Case


Ended up RMA'ing the motherboard which newegg did right and sent me a new one. With the random errors I was receiving it only seemed like the motherboard was to blame. I tried my (new) RAM and PSU in my roommates PC and they worked fine.. not to mention when I packed all the new parts back up, I hooked the PSU back to my old system and it works fine. So that eliminates HD, PSU, and (new) RAM.

Some google research showed that this is a common problem with Asrock mobos and bent cpu socket pins. Random errors, mostly referring to the different RAM sockets. Funny thing is, sometimes it was able to boot and everything was reading properly. Then like I said in my previous post, upon driver installation I would get random blue screens.
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