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Hopatcong, NJ

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reply to TheWiseGuy

Re: Travel Channel HD and SA 4250HD

Actually 763 is not listed in the guide you linked to, but it is listed in the Channel Lineup for the Morris systems (see link below)


So the Channel Line-up (763 = Travel Channel HD) seems out of sync with the guide.

As stated in the original post, my Samsung STBs tune channel 763 as the Travel Channel HD, as does my Windows Media Center PC (using the HDHomeRun prime tuner)

Dog And Butterfly
East Stroudsburg, PA
Well. I have a 4250 in Yonkers and the channel is not listed in the guide but it is listed in the lineup on 763. It does not show up if I tune to 763. So it is not just your system but whether it is deliberate or simply a screw up I have no idea. Obviously the channel is being transmitted but the info of placing it on 763 is omitted in the setup for the 4250 or ignored by the 4250.
Warning, If you post nonsense and use misinformation and are here to argue based on those methods, you will be put on ignore.


Hopatcong, NJ
Yes I agree, there seems be be a funky provisioning of the SA 4250HD with regard to the treatment of the Travel Channel HD (i.e., logical channel 763) or the box itself ignoring the HD Channel assignment. It obviously knows the location of the HD channel as it is able to redirect to the HD program when you direct tune the SD channel (96 on my system).