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Lumberton, TX
reply to Ramkor

Re: [Cataclysm] Tired of the attitude

said by Ramkor :

said by clawfury:

I really like klick's idea. Can you imagine a full LFR of complete raving idiots? I think I would pay to observe that :P

Sample chat log:

Tank1: WTF? Wat's teh matter with u lameass helaers?
Healer1: )&%$^$#! You *&)*^#+ pulled when 16 of the dps were afk!
Healer2: *%^#!@( Tank2! Why are you in healing gear???
Tank2: Shut up *$&#^#$&*%#^! It's LFR, you should be able to heel it if I'm buckass naked!
Healer1: U didn't rdychk!
Tank1: *&^^#@% *($@%*: WTF? Y are we wiped?
Healer1: *&%#$$^&$*#$ u were afk!
Rogue1: It's LFR, u shood b able two do it wifhouf me!
Rogue1: *#)*$&%^! u kant healz 4 *&$#!
Rogue1: Recount Total Healing:
Rogue1: Healer3 1342 (50%)
Rogue1: Healer2 925 (34%)
Rogue1: Healer1 417 (16%)
Hunter1: sum1 got a mass rez? I'm not running back inn!
Tank1: just hurry up n run *&$#^#$#! Let's du thsi trash and get on to Morchok!

Man, I had forgotten how much fun WoW was. This brought it all back to me. lol.
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