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Rosedale, WV
·HughesNet Satell..
reply to Immer

Re: [Cataclysm] Tired of the attitude

Do NOT get me wrong, I only grief when there is reason to. If things go peachy then, I holster the guns so to speak :-D

I am a prick in real life to a extent. But only a prick if you happen to know me in real life and piss me off. It is a issue I have struggled with for my 38 years on this Rock.

I live in Rosedale West Virginia. My second home is up Chapel Road outside of Gassaway. I have lived both places. Loads of folks around here know me. They also know I do not take a lot of crap in Real Life to. I have lived in the same area for all 38 years alive.

I am not a prick just because I am "anon", on the contrary I conduct myself much better online then IRL.

Evans, GA

said by Tweakbl:

I am not a prick just because I am "anon", on the contrary I conduct myself much better online then IRL.

That's what I love about country living. It's actually the inverse of big city... you treat strangers with respect and courtesy by default (and unload on them when they disrespect). There's this, you'll know you're okay in their book when they are comfortable enough with you to give you a hard time.

Unlike big-city life... everyone is treated with animosity and indifference until you "get to know them". No thanks.

I grew up in rural south florida. it exists... not all swampgrass and bikinis . I consider my self a man of southern sensibilities with big-city tastes.
Immergruen (resto/boomie) on Nathrezim Server (US)
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Rosedale, WV
·HughesNet Satell..

I agree. Its a innocent till proven guilty type thing.With big city though the person has to protect themselves due to predators.(Unlike predators out in nature, man is much more brutal.)

Also I have gotten tired recently of having to plan 3 days in advance to go to the store. It sucks. Out in the country, no Cable, no DSL but Hughesnet. Store is 45 min away. Now when I was up Chapel it was 5 mins and I could go on a whim. It was awesome. (Not to mention easier access to the Ladies :-P ) But that is something entirely different. LOL (Florida sounds very nice to me, especially the Bikinis.)

I have had people in game cuss me black and blue. For silly stuff. If they did this in Real Life, either one of two things would have happened if said to my face. I would either take a whoopin or give one.

When the Game is to the point that you actually want to drive to a persons home to "Walk a mud hole into their a** and then stomp it dry" its time for a break.

I have had MANY breaks. LOL