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Baton Rouge, LA

[LA] Cable/Phone Modem + DVR

Went into the Cox building in Baton Rouge today to replace my aging Arris telephony modem, a TM402P, that seems to want to randomly shutoff/restart maybe once a week or so, never did that when I first got it. Said they couldn't replace it right there and then because they didn't have any to replace it with at the building? Anyways, have a tech coming out on Saturday to replace it. Curious if he/she will replace it with one of the newer modems, like the Cisco DPQ3212, or do I have to ask for it?

On a different note, I seem to be having the worst luck with one of my DVRs. The one in my main room, I've had to at least have had Cox come out and replace it somewhere around 8-15 times within a 4 year period. My other DVR's have no issue at all and have never been replaced. I said something to Cox about it, but they don't seem to be willing to actually fixing whatever the problem is.


1. When the tech gets out there ask them to replace it with a D3 mta

2. To have that many dvr's swapped for one outlet only is extremely odd. Have you had the a/c outlet tested? Is it plugged into a surge strip? I would start looking beyond the point of coax related or box related issues just to make sure.


Scottsdale, AZ
reply to allstar319
Sounds like you need an escalation, ask for a tech supervisor to come out and explain to them your problems, they should find something
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Baton Rouge, LA
reply to DDR329
Yeah, it's on a surge strip. Can't remember if I had the outlet tested. Plenty of other things on the surge strip that are on 24/7 and these things never had a problem as far as I can tell.

I'll have to ask the tech on Saturday if he can maybe take a look at the DVR as well.

Cable Centric Vendor Biased
Atlanta, GA
reply to allstar319
I hope they have a D3 MTA for you.

What kind of problem are you having with the DVR?

Omaha, NE
reply to allstar319
are the dvr and phone modem off the same coax split could it be signal related.


Metairie, LA
·Cox HSI
·AT&T Southeast
reply to allstar319
Check for voltage on your coax. They are supposed to block the 90V AC that powers the older MTA's, but sometimes you end up with voltage on the coax.

Surprisingly, it's not enough to instantly fry DVR's or modems, but it will shorten their lifespan.

Also, ask the tech to check that your cable system is properly grounded. Ground wires can break or corrode. Some fall victim to the lawn man's weed eater.


Baton Rouge, LA
reply to ajwees41
Er, no. Modem is elsewhere in the house on it's own coax line.

I'll make sure to mention these things to the tech when he comes out. Thanks again guys.


Baton Rouge, LA
Slight update, finally got Cox to come out after a string of missed appointments and Isaac sweeping through.

I was given a new Cisco DPQ3212, just curious if these levels all check out fine.

Downstream Channels
Power Level Signal to Noise Ratio
Channel 1: 5.0 dBmv 41.9 dB
Channel 2: 5.5 dBmv 41.9 dB
Channel 3: 5.4 dBmv 39.4 dB
Channel 4: 5.2 dBmv 41.6 dB
Channel 5: 3.3 dBmv 41.5 dB
Channel 6: 3.3 dBmv 41.5 dB
Channel 7: 3.5 dBmv 39.3 dB
Channel 8: 3.0 dBmv 41.4 dB


Upstream Channels
Power Level
Channel 1: 38.2 dBmv
Channel 2: 0.0 dBmv
Channel 3: 0.0 dBmv
Channel 4: 0.0 dBmv

The tech also replaced my main DVR, he tested the line and said it was fine but mentioned that if it happened again to call up and they'll rewire it or something.

I do have a new question though, I e-mailed Cox about that Whole Home DVR thing and they're wanting $70 plus $50 installation per box. They said I can self-install it and pick up the new boxes at the Cox office in BR, but I'm not sure if I have to pay anything else other than the $70. Anybody know for sure?

Thanks again.

Omaha, NE
Are you sure of the self install for the whole home dvr.this would be the first I heard of it.


Baton Rouge, LA
said by ajwees41:

Are you sure of the self install for the whole home dvr.this would be the first I heard of it.

Pretty sure. I just don't know if there is any other fee besides the $70 I'm hearing about. Here is the last e-mail they sent me.

You may come and pick up the boxes and self install if you like. We are
open Monday-Friday 8:00am-6:00pm and Saturday 9:00am-2:00pm.

We hope that we have sufficiently addressed your concerns and answered
all of your questions to your satisfaction. Please let us know if we
can be of further assistance.

Thank you for choosing Cox Communications where we value your business.


E-Care Specialist
Cox Communications- Louisiana

If you need additional information on other Cox products or services,
please visit our web site.

At www.cox.com/louisiana you can order new services, bundle existing or
new services, upgrade current level of service, check service
availability, access your account, pay your bill and find answers to
many commonly asked questions -- 24/7 at your convenience.


Baton Rouge, LA
Last update I promise.

Got another new box today, except none of my remotes will work with it. Anybody know how to program the cable code and whats the code for the Motorola 6416III?

Also, got a confirmation from the guys at the Cox office on those whole home dvrs. You can't sell-install, some guy has to come out. Guess Cox needs to have a chat with their online guys.