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People Suck.

Dover, DE
reply to LeftOfSanity

Re: 2005 Nissan Altima 2.5L No Start Condition

Ok, I checked coils, all have 11.9v

Power is getting to the cam sensor, 11.9v

When I turn the key to the on position, all instrument lights stay on.

Battery, oil, brake etc.
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Blue Streak

Moreno Valley, CA

My daughter came close to buying a 2005 Altima. When she took it out for a test drive, it stalled in traffic. It would restart but not run very well. Took it back to the dealership and they claimed it was fixed but did the same thing a couple of days later. Turns out it was the temperature sensor. Seems Nissan has a protective feature that when the sender senses a engine overheat, it automatically tirns the engine off. Can't say this will fix your car but its worth checking out.