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New York, NY
reply to aa2k

Re: [Billing] canceling fios quick and easy......

said by aa2k:

I called Verizon and I ended up getting a 20.00 discount for 12 months only, still I am thinking on getting one of these viop services (better if its free) and drop the phone service.
The Obi202 sound good and it has connectivity to Google Voice, but I read Google Voice does not have 911 calls - that is a bummer since I would like to have that..

How did you convince them to get the $20 valued customer discount? I called every month and they said that discount is not available in their systems. Maybe I'll again this month.
35/35 Fios, Triple Play Extreme.


Damascus, MD
They transfer me to the retention department, they guy I spoke to was helpful and gave me the discount.

I did a chat with Verizon and I got different information, this is part of the chat, just the relevant information; I hear some of this before so I think this is more credible:

You: I am about to downgrade my TV and Internet package via your site, my contract was renewed 2 months ago, once I do the downgrade the contract will start today from zero (24 months) or it will be for the remaining 22 months only?

REP: Your old contract plan will be deleted. You will get a new contract plan with new bundle package. The new contract plan will start within 24 hours to 48 hours at the time when the new bundle package is activated.

You: now if a new contract will start then I could then change the type of bondle I am in correct? I have the triple play and want to move to double play (TV and Internet only) how do I do that on the site? also, I have extra packages (starz showtime) and dont want do loose those and the promotion credits I already have..

REP: Yes, that's correct. You can change the bundle package. Since you already have existing FiOS triple play package, you will not be able to discontinue your Verizon home phone service online. You will require to call your local Verizon business office.
The new bundle package will not affect on your current Starz Showtime Entertainment Pack, price and promotion. They will remain the same.
You can also renew the triple play package online now to secure great online price. You can discontinue the home phone service from your triple play package at anytime whenever you with. You will not be charged any early termination fees if you remove the home phone service and maintain the contract for Internet and TV bundle package.

key note: "You can discontinue the home phone service from your triple play package at anytime whenever you with. You will not be charged any early termination fees if you remove the home phone service and maintain the contract for Internet and TV bundle"

So I can change the TV/Internet packages (downgrade) on line now and then once I have the voip setup done, I can cancel the phone line from the triple play. this means the phone part of it does not carries any penalties...

I am thinking on ordering the OBi202, it seems more flexible and works with a long list of providers, taking Google Voice for now as the primary (free) and take a second ISP for 911 (CallCentric -the outbound plan costs 1.50 p/month to maintain). I read good reviews on CallCentric, they also offer a number for 2.95 p/month for inbound calls on the number provided by them.


Norwalk, CA
i have changed my mind its not quick and easy.....

friday came long and my net/tv turned off as well as my phone. when i called them up to make sure they didnt cancel the phone they informed me the got the number to port over and released it to the new company. had a busy weekend tried checking the number on the ooma and its not my old number. monday i checked the porting and said i had to call them. ooma which so far has great cs answers quickly very helpful and nice said there was a problem and they had to contact verizon again to see what the problem was. i took it upon my self to call to see whats going on well it turns out they did cancel the phone on friday. they said they could reactivate it with the old number had to run a credit check. this way i can continue porting over the number. said it would be up and running again by midnight. checked the dial tone it worked thought nothing of it.

come today someone called me on my cell telling me my number doesnt work. i called my cell and its a new number. once again called up verizon spent another half hour on the phone getting them to fix it so i have the correct number. once again i am told a different story which has been the case each time i have called. i cant wait until this is over. my plans were most likely go back to verizon once my year of cheap net with charter is over.... now the chances are very slim.