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reply to The E

Re: Too many connections?

said by The E:

You don't need Quad-shield.

I agree that it's normally not needed despite various recommendations I've seen (example), but I believe more in the six-inches-from-high-voltage rule, and I was going to be two inches away.

You don't need right angle adapters in most cases.

It would allow me to push furniture about two or three inches closer to the wall. In the small bedroom, heavy lifting would be required to eliminate the adapter, or else I'd have to move my shredder where I don't want it.

I'd love to see some pictures of what you're doing…. all these posts for what seems to be a really small, basic rewire. (hey, I could be wrong!)

These posts don't even scratch the surface of the time I've put into this. Fishing a string through a deep hollow wall from the hallway to the closet, dealing with building management, dealing with Radio Shack tools and connectors that don't seem to work with each other...I'm hoping I'll be done in a couple of weeks.