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reply to cableties

Re: Includes Satellite?

said by cableties:

Agree. I call BS on this too. There are MUCH more without BBand. And Eff satellite...it is cost prohibitive versus Cable/Fios/DSL.

So you're issue isn't with the FCC report (availabilty) just the price, right?

said by cableties:

Here is perfect example of BroadBand distribution failure: comcast last mile BS.
County Rt 24 in Malone/Brainardsville, NY
Comcast ends line on a COUNTY Rd that has RELIABLE power (it serves to Alice Hyde Hospital).
Comcast has been contact over last 8 years (annually) as to why they have not extended the feed down the county road (55mph, 2 lane rd, with large farms and rural family homes, ranches, and even double wides).
I know a family that is 1 mile from the end of the feed and has to be on "dial up". Satellite (for a fixed income retiree) is overpriced ($tarts at $70/mnth and still have to deal with interference and delay, useless for VoIP/NetApps/Gaming)

So your issue here is with the Cable TV provider not providing cable TV right? (CATV has to provide CATV, not internet)

said by cableties:

Irony is, Comcast pulled the cable and went a different route (off county rt 24) than feed trunk down main county rd.

I see opportunity for Verizon (oh wait, cherry picking doesn't include rural Adirondacks...).

Your tax dollars go where? yuuuup!

What tax dollars are you referring to? Verizon MAY need to provide POTS and Comcast MAY need to provide CABLE TV. You MAY have have recourse as a customer to complain if you can't get either services, but internet access, sadly enough, MAY not be a mandate on either company (what does your public commission have to say about it?)