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Hopatcong, NJ
reply to kickass69

Re: Travel Channel HD and SA 4250HD

said by kickass69:

Cablecard devices as mentioned above have the Pre-HD channel mappings.

I am not sure what you mean by this comment. If you are referring to Windows Media Center (WMC) viewing/recording via the HDHomeRun Prime (a CableCARD device), then this appears to the have the same channel map as the new Samsung box (which include 763 as the Travel Channel HD). The one difference is the HDHomeRun Prime will tune and record SD channels (e.g., it will tune the SD program on channel 96 [Travel Channel SD] and will not do a forced re-tune to the HD program. Similarly if the HDHomeRun Prime tunes 141, ESPN News SD is shown (no auto re-tune to ESPN NEWS HD or perform any stretching of the SD image)


Lake Hopatcong, NJ

That's exactly what I mean. The original mappings before they had lower channel numbers mapped to it's HD counterpart where one could choose channel 2 and have it be the SD channel and so on.

Cablecard devices are unable to do such SD to HD mapping and as such were left alone and just the SA boxes was doing that. I figure this comes back to two things... 1. CV accidentally put back 763 on the Samsung mappings and that eventually it'll disappear again or 2. CV preemptly put 763 on the Samsungs and the SAs will follow soon after.


Hopatcong, NJ

Great, we are in "violent agreement".