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Mount Airy, MD

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Useless Government

I would hope that people who have alternatives with no caps, or more reasonable caps, can seek those out. But again I ask, where is government here? Companies that provide metered services are supposed to be regulated so that said metering is done in a fair manner. Why should ISPs be exempt from this?
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Austin, TX
·Time Warner Cable

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If the ISP has crappy meters, and they're billing according to those meters, they should absolutely be held responsible for fixing said meters.

It's not like it's difficult to make a meter work correctly. Mobile providers have done things correctly for the past few years. Comcast seems to be doing a reasonable job, albeit at a lower resolution than I'd like to see. Time Warner Cable is actually doing a better job than any other wireline provider; usage is measured down to the hour in markets where they'll discount your bill $5 in exchange for $1 per GB overages above 5GB (I'll keep my unlimited plan, thank you very much).

Suddenlink, Cogeco and AT&T on the other hand apparently don't know how to measure usage on their own networks, and as a result shouldn't bill anyone for overusage. Until they fix their meters, anyway

I wonder what Suddenlink would measure my usage as, these days. I've used 41GB according to TWC since the 15th; if I kept that up on Suddenlink I'd end up well under their cap for their $100-or-so tier. Unless of course their meter was broken...

Ai Otsukaholic
·Clear Wireless
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·Verizon FiOS
reply to pnh102
Simple solution to all billing problems: Statutory penalty for overcharging a customer is 1000X the amount of the error just like a merchant gets 3X the face value of a bad check.

ISPs would have the problems fixed tomorrow and customers would be checking their bills VERY closely. It doesn't matter that it would be hard for customers to prove...merely the CHANCE that some nerd will do it and get $25K will get them in line.

Imagine...would you speed if the ticket minimum was $100K? No, probably not. $150 it's worth the chance, $ would be ruinous so you don't chance it.