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Medina, OH

Fiber in NE Ohio?

I recently received an ad for a neighborhood in the Brunswick/Valley City area which claims fiber-optic internet and television. To my knowledge the telco in the area is Frontier (formerly Verizon) and the cable provider is Armstrong Zoom, neither of whom offer consumer fiber products in this area.

Does anyone have any idea who the supposed provider is? I've called the developer and left a message, but I do not really expect a useful answer out of them.

Beyond that, I know before Verizon sold the territory there were some test deployments of FiOS. Are any of those still active under Frontier's reign, and if so where?

I'm going to be moving in a few months, and if there's actual FTTP anywhere around here that'll do better than my current 50/5 cable I'll be all over it.


Columbus, OH
Unless there is some small muni I've never heard about, then it is likely just AT&T U-verse which is FTTN. All of the Verizon ex-GTE areas are mostly rural and zero chance they have any fiber builds.