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Nick D
Orange, CA
reply to knowble

Re: Your Favorite Raid

In terms of personal enjoyment:
1. ICC - first raid instance progressing with my own guild. Also it was a good raid instance in its own right. Even at 85 LK is STILL a pretty awesome fight.

2. Firelands - while the trash was stupid, I enjoyed almost all the boss fights. Domo was kinda dumb, as was Rhyo, but Shannox was a ball (I was the Riplimb tank), Rag was a very solid fight, healing Baleroc was always awesome, Beth had a very fun phase 1, and Alys was like playing Mario Bros in a good way. Also we did reasonable well progressing in there.

3. Black Temple - I just like the aesthetics of the place. I never did it at level, so I don't know if I would've hated it based on mechanics.

In terms of what I would consider the best from aesthetic perspectives (these are pretty standard):
1. Black Temple (see above)
2. Ulduar
3. Karazhan (props to Opera)