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reply to Fergless

Re: URGENT : Acanac auto-renewal : how to get my money back?

said by Fergless:

All accounts auto renew on their anniversary date. If you don't inform Acanac before hand they will bill you automatically. It's in the user agreement you acknowledged when you signed up.

That is illegal, and has been illegal in Quebec for some time now.

Also, this discussion has come up before. Acanac is very well aware this is illegal.

In addition to this, A company can not make up a user agreement which in turn tries to take legal rights away from a Quebec user. This is also illegal, and Paul knows this very well since this was also discussed openly and previously on these forums.

delacrouz, I would take everything they said here (especially the part where they state you lose your legal and consumer rights in their user agreement) and fax it all off to your credit card company.

Also, I would contact the Quebec Consumers Union about this, and what was stated above about your rights being of no value to Acanac.

This is where I would start.

Acanac knows all this very well and are playing dumb with you to rip you off. I hope you take action *now* and not wait for more stupid responses from them.


Riviere-Beaudette, QC

What Paul really needs is to see his company the topic of a widely viewed television program in Quebec like " La Facture ".

I d sure like to see him answering the journalist about his terms of Service and how to reconcile his business practices with the Quebec Consumers Protection Act.
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reply to carcajou

Re: URGENT : Acanac auto-renewal : how to get my money back?



Riviere-Beaudette, QC

Je t expliquerai comment faire ta plainte à l Office de Protection du Consommateur si on se croise ici.