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Colonial Heights, VA

[Rant] Heard about Broadband for America

Today in my web wanderings, I came across this site (»www.broadbandforamerica.com/abou ··· /mission) Broadband for America. Their goal based on the web page is supposedly to "ensuring every American Citizen has high quality access to the Internet". Actually they are working to make sure government creates the right incentives to make it happen, ie bribes. But since both Comcast and Verizon, among others. are members I thought those that are having a problem with either providing service to their houses, could make use of that fact. Because if they supposedly support that goal, why aren't they putting their money towards it.


Santa Cruz, CA
The goal will never happen. Getting Broadband to every american is a smokescreen imo.


Colonial Heights, VA
The issue I am raising does not deal with if the goal is possible or not. It is the hypocrisy of the various broadband providers. They are part of a lobbying group that is promoting getting broadband to everyone, but the same time they are not taking the initiative to achieve that goal and are actively working against that goal, both legislatively and in their business practices. This site is filled with examples where both Comcast and Verizon, refuse to delivery service to residences and business, because the very franchise agreements they wrote do not require them to do so.

For example in 2006 my state passed a law that specifies that if no franchise agreement could be reached with the locality, they could still provide service, but they did not have to provide service in those areas that had less then 30 homes per a mile. This removed all power from the localities to request a lower home per mile density.

So I say again, call them out on it.

I do this for a living

Dover, DE
reply to flboisseau
they propose a franchise agreement, its on your municipality to agree to it, or not.....broadband companies are for profit...
I'm better than you!

Mo Promises

reply to flboisseau
Old news! We had 100% broadband coverage 10 years ago.

»isp-ceo.net/cplanet/tech/2004/pr ··· nor.html


Colonial Heights, VA
reply to gar187er
Again, I am not disagreeing with that.

Here are my points.
1) The group that they are a member of has a stated goal of increasing the availability of broadband in the country.
2) The conclusion is that Comcast and Verizon, as members, share the same goal. (Would you be a member of a group whose goals you did not agree with?)
3) There is nothing in the franchise agreements STOPPING them from expanding their infrastructure to those areas that they are NOT REQUIRED to cover.
3) If they were acting in a FREE MARKET, instead of a government enforced monopoly or duopoly, their only solution to increase PROFITS would be to increase their market share, or the number of people they serve.
4) Since they are not, and they do not act upon what they state by being a member of this group. I they believe they need to be called on it.

I am a very strong FREE MARKET LIBERTARIAN and I would prefer that they had to do business in a true FREE MARKET and fight for every customer and dollar they make. That is not the situation. Instead they rely on special exclusive deals to make their business model work, and thus they should be held to a higher standard.

Trust me if they could not rely on the government to limit their competition, as a FOR PROFIT company, they could not string wire fast enough. But that is not the reality.


Colonial Heights, VA
reply to Mo Promises
Lucky you, because it is not at my house and it is not in good parts of the county I live in.

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Redwood Valley, CA

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reply to pclover
said by pclover:

The goal will never happen. Getting Broadband to every american is a smokescreen imo.

We can do it, we got electricity to almost all rural Americans in less than 15 years.

". Rural electrification became one of the most successful government programs ever enacted. Within 2 years it helped bring electricity to some 1.5 million farms through 350 rural cooperatives in 45 of the 48 states. By 1939 the cost of a mile of rural line had dropped from $2,000 to $600. Almost half of all farms were wired by 1942 and virtually all of them by the 1950s. "

»www.greatachievements.org/?id=29 ··· ?id=2990

If we don't let corporate America dictate our future, we can make this nation shine. Today, Broadband is every bit as vital as electricity was then, and should not and must not be solely entrusted to for profit corporations.

Lincroft, NJ
FYI - In today’s cable news roundup article by Jeff Baumgartner on the Light Reading Cable site (»www.lightreading.com/document.as ··· lr_cable) is this item:

It's worth taking some time to play around with the broadband deployment map (»tiles.mapbox.com/fcc/map/Section ··· ment-Map) that the FCC released Thursday. It gives a county-by-county breakdown of [fixed] broadband access in the United States. You can see that San Francisco is very well wired. California's Modoc County ... not so much.