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Culpeper, VA

3g wireless through Cyberonic Internet

1st post, hope there is not a intro section somehwere.

We recently moved from 7 miles out of town with cable internet (Comcast) no limits, heavy gaming, web surfing and Netflix streaming.

I'm one mile from downtown, and there is no high speed lines in this subdivision.

I found Cyberonic through some searching, unlimited plan (Sprint 3g) for $109.

I'm not tech savvy to say the least. I received an antenna, with a connection to a aircard, in a 3g router and a section of ethernet cord.

My question is I'm trying to set my kids up with a Xbox connection, and the website says this will stream.

I have no idea of options, and talking to folks Hughsnet and Excede will not work for gaming, and limits streaming of movies and shows.

Anyone have any input? I'm coming up on the end of my free trial, and wondering what options I may have if any to get internet here.



Cobbs Creek, VA
»www.millenicom.com is by far the best value for 3G - No Contract
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reply to blthomas
If you have other options for internet that can give you what you need, go for it! We are able to run 2 XBox's online at the same time with no lag unless I'm playing a Facebook app at the same time. We are constantly having to reset the modem, however. Sometimes we have download speeds slower than dial-up. They are falsely advertising their so called "unlimited" plan however. They shut us off very early on a Sunday, when the appropriate department was closed because we supposedly went over their "nonexistent" data cap of 50gig's last month. They kept insisting that it was not a data cap but that if we didn't agree to their terms of keeping our usage under 50gig's a month (because they receive overage charges from Sprint that we didn't know about prior to this and their TOS does not allow them to pass those charges on to us) they would terminate our overly expensive service. So in other words, I apparently wasn't allowed to download the new OS: Mountain Lion onto my Mac (1 computer upgraded, that's all). But even that doesn't make sense because the DL was not anywhere close to 50gigs, let alone the amount of data they accused us of using. There is also no chance a neighbor was using our internet as we live in an extremely rural area and the wifi cuts out at my patio table so no chance a neighboring farmer could be tapping into our p/w protected network. Then today we received a new broadband card in the mail with no note, no explanation whatsoever and when I called tech support about it, I was told to contact billing on Monday - that I should not swap out the cards until we talk to billing unless our internet is shut off before then. Sounds fishy to me, why would billing know more about a piece of technology than technical support? Good thing I called I suppose. Also, when I contacted this company the day after they shut us off, the person I spoke to was obviously not from the billing department (whom we were told we needed to contact before they would turn our internet back on), but was able to turn the service back on for us. We were told that they shut our service off because we failed to respond to their phone calls and emails (we have proof we did in the "sent" folder of my husband's email). I had to explain to him the difference between a calendar month and a billing cycle. This company is a joke. I believe at one time they were a great company, not now.

North, VA
reply to blthomas
I would guess that it was Sprint not Millenicom that shut you off for excessive overages. Millenicom sent you a new modem and restored your service treating you as a new customer. Sprint doesn't know who you are but knows how much you use on their system.

I would think you might be more aware of your usage. You apparently are refusing to keep your usage under 50 GB/mo as the plan requires. Sprint likely will do it again if you exceed the 50 GB.

Millenicom had nothing to do with Sprint pulling the plug as they apparently did in your case so don't blame Millenicom for something your account caused by overages.

Max Signal
Buffalo, NY
reply to DMD
Sounds like you need to find another service provider that can keep up with your extreme needs . You are indeed a bandwidth abuser . For 99% of Internet users the 50 GB soft cap is more than they will ever use . Then there are folks like you that blow through bandwidth like there is no tomorrow and blame everyone else . Your other option is to move to where there is a hard line solution that can cater to your bandwidth needs . Cellular wireless internet is a finite resource . You need to get on a system with infinite resources for your needs.


Kansas City, MO
reply to DMD
said by DMD :

If you have other options for internet that can give you what you need, go for it! ... This company is a joke. I believe at one time they were a great company, not now.

Which company? Cyberonic? I checked over their website and found details on all the products except their sprint resale.


San Francisco, CA
I have Cyberonic 3g service. It is a stationary device and its not portable that you can take with you from one place to another. It works great and I have a static IP. I use it to connect to my workplace. I have been a customer for many years.