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Snohomish, WA
reply to telcodad

Re: [Bill] Comcast DTA

I believe anyone gets upto 3, minus 1 for each settop you get/have/rent, that would be 3 for limited basic customers 2 for any one with one STB or cable card and so on. first 2 cable cards are "free" but count as a STB each.
This is a little confusing because stage one which removed analogs over 100 happened early on and they sent out DTA's only to call later and tell us Limited basic customers weren't suppose to have them, than a second wave of insisting you need them around the time of the OTA digital transition, only to some of us (still unneeded for those of use with digital tuners built in) and now down to ZERO analogs as of Sept 25 (so they claim, even local CSR's seem confued about it.)
Announcment and actual switchover info could/should be clearer

dta size has shrunk each time (like a deck of cards now) picture+sound quality is equal or less then Ver 1 and same crappy remote

The lack of locals in HD will drive me to change, but not nessasrily toward more comcast video, the only reason I have Comcast video at all is to avoid an anntenna TOWER (reception is good 20 feet above the house, I have plenty of large trees that reach above the dead zone)
or to satellite
or just internet
currently Limited basic less than $3 to the bill the lowest digital tier REGULAR price is $67, plus $10 for HD, plus $10+ for the STB say $90 at least 3 times what I would pay just for HD locals (really the only broadcast TV I watch) my wife and son like a few more but all 3 together aren't TV junkies.