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Chesterfield, MO
reply to rit56


You mean the new is now just like the old? IMO -- I don't think it's much different now than pre-1996. Recall that we used to pay for extra for outlets, touch-tone dialing and long distance. However, in those days we paid more for intrastate long distance than interstate long distance. Given that we were charged for long distance, one assumed the greater the distance, the more the cost but it didn't work that way! There were also metropolitan charges that were higher for the suburbs -- even though that's where most of the population lived!

Today voice is virtually free and data caps are the new long distance.

Regarding the FCC's upcoming data cap definition, rather than look at what people use, I wish they would look at whether or not there is any sane justification for the entire concept.

The carrier's usual explanation is that most customers never exceed the limits and additional charges are levied on the few to maintain a quality experience for all. By this logic, we are left to conclude that the few are being billed significantly more than most and the additional revenue generated makes a significant contribution to ongoing network upgrades. If that isn't true, it sure smells like intrastate vs. interstate long distance charges.