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This is a sub-selection from time to go to pay by the byte

Snohomish, WA
reply to xsid

Re: time to go to pay by the byte

What does it have to do with competition?
you can have useage based plans from multiple competitors and even different plans from one, some might buy the $50 base that has higher cost per byte overages, while other might choose the $200 base with massive bandwidth wrapped in and fair low per byte overages.
The only admissions is the voice and text use so little bandwidth they they are not the 2 main expences A base fee to grow and maintain the plant coverage, and a per byte charge to pay and increase the capacity, for which the need will grow, recognizing available frequentcies are limited increased useage at some point means splitting cells, more backhaul, more locations(rent, liability, and siteing expense.)
all these effect pricing and availablity wether there a 2 or 200 companies side by side, and more that 1 means splitting the available consumers which changes the market cost from a simple cost plus%.

A smart single source in a open market will not charge the highest price but only a price that would make it not worthwhile for others to enter that local market.