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Dover, DE
reply to flboisseau

Re: [Rant] Heard about Broadband for America

they propose a franchise agreement, its on your municipality to agree to it, or not.....broadband companies are for profit...
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Colonial Heights, VA
Again, I am not disagreeing with that.

Here are my points.
1) The group that they are a member of has a stated goal of increasing the availability of broadband in the country.
2) The conclusion is that Comcast and Verizon, as members, share the same goal. (Would you be a member of a group whose goals you did not agree with?)
3) There is nothing in the franchise agreements STOPPING them from expanding their infrastructure to those areas that they are NOT REQUIRED to cover.
3) If they were acting in a FREE MARKET, instead of a government enforced monopoly or duopoly, their only solution to increase PROFITS would be to increase their market share, or the number of people they serve.
4) Since they are not, and they do not act upon what they state by being a member of this group. I they believe they need to be called on it.

I am a very strong FREE MARKET LIBERTARIAN and I would prefer that they had to do business in a true FREE MARKET and fight for every customer and dollar they make. That is not the situation. Instead they rely on special exclusive deals to make their business model work, and thus they should be held to a higher standard.

Trust me if they could not rely on the government to limit their competition, as a FOR PROFIT company, they could not string wire fast enough. But that is not the reality.