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Re: Now Selling HughesNet Gen4!

Gen4 is not very update friendly without the free nights. If you use some of the more cutting-edge Linux distros such as Fedora or Arch, they have an impressive appetite. Get a few Windows boxes and a few Linux boxes and you could burn through several gigs a month in updates alone. Not to mention when new Linux distro releases come out (Arch excluded) and you want a clean upgrade, you have to down the latest ISO. Fedora 17 is 4GB. That's going to hurt on the basic HughesNet package.


I have exede and i havent gone over my 10 gig/month yet... I use my Xbox to rent movies it let's u pick standard def or hd...... I also live 20 miles from civilization and renting DVDs is inconvenient.

I think the monthly allowances are fair if they gave us all a 100 gigs wed be fussin about our congested slow prime time. I would rather they be Conservative and keep quality of service up. Look at their financials they aren't making bank (wild blue/Hughes) they have to play the numbers right or they go bust and then were back to smoke signals and praying for fiber.

I hope they open up the late night zone for dish customers!


united state
Do you have Exede 5 or 12?

The reason I ask is I saw where you posted your speed the other day.