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Re: [HN9000] Comparison Test - HughesNet 1.5/256 | Versus | Exed


So why are they doing that? Sounds stupid to me and counter productive to giving accurate results.

That still doesn't explain why the average has shot up so high! My results WERE not way off of the averages before...

Nor does it explain why these results posted are 4-500% higher than average?!

BTW, I don't see an obvious link to sign up here. Where do they hide it?




Somerset, CA
said by Benj :


BTW, I don't see an obvious link to sign up here. Where do they hide it?

There is a "register" link in the upper left corner...It's only visible to those who are not already logged-in, so you should be able to see it.
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reply to grohgreg
said by grohgreg:

said by Benj :

How/why had the host average speeds gone up so high?

It's because all TestMy reads your IP address and figures out who the provider (host) is. All results through individual hosts are added to the host historical record, from which the host average is derived. So all these bogus double digit test results conducted by the OP - and other Hughes customers who foolishly believe them - are getting factored into the HughesNet average speed data. As a result, the HughesNet host average on that site is hopelessly skewed.

Any competent IT person knows speed test vary from one online speed test site to another Joe blow speed test website. BUT if you all play Ping Pong together on the same test site its as accurate as humanly possible. This is why the OP suggested users to test using testmy.net! So your point is not noted!

Speed test are also browser sensitive! Some user here in the forum delete this information .... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

said by grohgreg:

Best advice I can give (repeat actually) is that HughesNet subscribers test exclusively at »consumer.performancetests.hughes ··· net.com/


consumer.performancetests.hughesnet.com/ HughesNets internal speed test is just that Internal ...... IF HughesNets network is congested it should show in there HughesNets internal Test. If HughesNet starts Choking off the bandwidth to the External Net it will not show in this test. Again it is testing there INTERNAL NETWORK SYSTEM!
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Re: [HN9000] Comparison Test - HughesNet 1.5/256 | Versus | Exed

You can, but there are a lot of Anon posts that are valid. Unfortunately some people have to abuse the privilege. I guess this is an example about why an increasing amount of forums block anon posts.

The only speedtests that matter to an internet subscriber are real world tests. Ex. downloading a linux ISO from a fast mirror for an extended period of time. Downloading a game on steam. Uploading some files to carbonite. Actual real usage. The only speedtest sites worth any ones time are the ones hosted by the internet service provider. Are they accurate? Who knows, who cares. They are designed by the internet provider to provide network diagnostics. It doesn't matter where they place the server, if they use UDP or TCP, or even if they look accurate to us. They have a purpose and they serve their purpose. The rest of the speedtests are irrelevant. It doesn't matter what they report. They mean nothing and many are easily thrown off by compression. If you can't get those speeds in a real world test, then they are nothing but a waste of your time. If you can, then good. But using 3rd party speedtests to accurately measure network performance is silly.
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Re: [HN9000] Comparison Test - HughesNet 1.5/256 | Versus | Exed

said by silbaco:

If you can't get those speeds in a real world test, then they are nothing but a waste of your time.

All speed tests are short duration tests, but even though results can skew higher, those can give an indication indirectly of your server's load...if speed test site has the bandwidth.

All speed tests are biased in some manner, but as noted, using a good site for a file DL can be a better test.

Main point is if your web surfing works for sites with adequate bandwidth, and file DLs/Uls don't take forever, speed tests are not needed.