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united state
reply to mastsethi

Re: [Rant] Car Wash Employees dont get all their tips

said by mastsethi:

Then I would say, his hard-work is being wasted. He should be working elsewhere if he needs recognition, money, and incentives.

If your being serious, you have a problem. The guy should get the tips given to HIM.
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Miami, FL
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reply to billydunwood
I completely agree over giving the tip towards the individual who actually did the job right and went out of his way to take care of thing's not part of his scope.

I normally don't tip but when I do I normally ask if they have a community fund and if so I shove the money in their pocket.

shitheads always want damn handouts and I refuse to give it to them.


Atlanta, GA
reply to billydunwood
Yeah, this is not right. Though I have never noticed this. But if I will, I will make sure to talk to the manager and tell them that what I have given to his employee is for him only not for everyone.


reply to michieru
That is perhaps more appropriate than complaining that the tip doesn't reach pocket of employee.


Saint-Hyacinthe, QC

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reply to billydunwood
said by billydunwood:

I understand. But if I am a customer, and I give an employee a tip, it should go to that employee, not anyone else.Plus, when it gets put into a box, and the manager/owner takes money inside, they could take a tip without the employees knowing. And its not right to split the tips evenly among a person who dries 10 cars as opposed to completely detailing 4.

As I said, it depends on the job.

If your job is to clean cars, and you are doing it alone or in a team of 2, then yes, you deserve all the tip only for yourself/splitted in twp.

The problem here is that some jobs require a 2-3 guys working in the shadow of the only 1 guy the customer will see. They're all paid the same hourly/rate. It's like a chain. If only 1 of them is bad, the customer will receive bad service.

Also, in my case, they never tried to make sure everyone could see the same amount of customer. So it wouldn't have been fair.

Also where I worked, the boss didn't take a part of the money. (We were putting the money in a box ourselves and splitting it ourselves)

Edit :

I wasn't sure about the name... I was a busboy, paid the same hourly rate as a waiter.

What I had to do :
- Making sure every fork, spoons, knifes and glasses were shinning.
- Cleaning tables
- Setting up tables for the next customers
- Taking away dirty/empty plates.
- Helping waiters bring food to the tables.
- Bringing drinks to the waiter so they could bring them to the tables
- Telling the waiter their customer needs them (they would often ask us "where's X ?")

What the waiters had to do :
- Doing fake smiles at the customers
- Talking in the back of said customers (they were often saying how ugly some of them were)
- Taking order
- Yelling at the cooks that their customer is more important and they need their food now.
- Open wine bottles.
- Yelling at the cooks again so they make sure the food is hot.
- Yelling at the busboys because they need help bringing food at the tables.
- Complaining that they didn't make enough tip last night (200$ one night was a bad night for them...)
- Talking about how they are superior to everyone else because they like french food and high quality olive oil. (The restaurant was serving mostly french food)
- Collecting money from the customer.
- Waiting behind the bar that something happens.

Do you think it's fair for the waiters to get ALL the tip? (They got 87.5% of it... they used to declare 25% of it, and give us half of the delcared part... so they were paying taxes on 12.5% of the total tip they got)