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Binghamton, NY
reply to DrModem

Re: What They'll Find

said by DrModem:

If you watch the monthly average amount of television in via streaming standard definition (~100 hours) you will use roughly 34gb. 720p will double that usage. 1080p will have you well over 100gb.

Two problems with your reasoning:

1) Few people are exclusively watching television via streaming.

2) Even by your own metric, you're only at 100GB, which is well under the caps currently imposed by terrestrial ISPs in the United States.

said by DrModem:

And that's only one common usage. Another, Steam, will cost you 8-12gb for a single game.

How many games do you buy a month?

said by DrModem:

That's all for one person. Families do that many times over because they have many people.

This is a silly argument, why should those families pay the same as a single person who has a fraction of their usage?

said by DrModem:

This is not 2006. The average household doesn't use only 20 gb anymore.

Citation needed.


I find this to be a very generous assumption actually. I work for a wireless ISP in an under served area (Verizon's DSL doesn't even top 1mbit in most areas and Charter hits a select few areas) and we've found that usage has increased ten-fold over the past few years with us suggesting Netflix, etc to our customers as a way to stream movies and TV shows. Our average user went from 25 - 30gb used per month to right up around 175 - 200gb a month and doesn't really show signs of slowing down.

Know what our response to this was? Invest in our infrastructure, remove our caps and increase our speeds. This hasn't bankrupted the company like AT&T and others would like you believe (and we don't have the billions they have to play with), but has actually brought on a lot more customers and given us the opportunity to expand our service area and given a huge boost to our customer base thanks to word out mouth advertising.