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Austin, TX
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reply to glitchsys

Re: OMGfast.... Looking for review

A few quick notes:

1. A tree branch would probably kill your MVDDS connection. It's in the 12GHz range, and in that range all sorts of stuff can cause your signal to fade.
2. My bet is that WiMAX is where your high, erratic latency is coming from. If Clearband deployed something like Ubiquiti AirMax as the uplink, they would probably cut that latency by upwards of 50% and lower jitter too. The AirMax stuff is cheap too. But it's not an IEEE standard so they probably won't deploy it :/

I'd be perfectly fine with a setup like MVDDS where you've got an uplink radio that is more robust and could be pressed into service on the downlink side if needed...it's not beyond question to keep a wireless network like that up 99.9+% of the time, to the point that you don't need wireline backup (even if you can get it).