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Leesburg, VA
reply to DC DSL

Re: Working at the Pentagon soon. Metro rail cost?

said by DC DSL:

You don't really have a legit argument there.

Not enjoying extortion maybe isn't a legitimate "argument", but I think it's always a legitimate sentiment.

If you feel the paper card is more convenient for you, then you have to pay a premium for that "convenience" as with most everything else these days.

Odd that for so many years I never had to pay that premium, yet the Metro transit system ran about exactly the same as it does now.

When you buy a SmarTrip, it's $10 ($5 for the card, $5 value loaded on it).

So there it is. They've figured out a way to get extra from me/us no matter which choice I/we make.

At any rate (so to speak), we obviously view the situation differently, and this thread isn't directly about what/how Metro is charging for farecards anyway. Maybe we should just leave it at that.

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Washington, DC

You are blowing it way, way out of proportion by claiming "extortion" by Metro.

Once the SmarTrip reached critical mass in terms of acceptance, plus the technological improvements that have made it possible for seamless use across rail, bus, and other systems in the region, plus the other conveniences I pointed out, use of the paper cards for the subway is no longer economically desirable. WMATA is absolutely within its rights to charge a premium to customers who want to continue using an outdated and increasingly costly method of payment. I have offered adequate explanation of why the SmarTrip is a better option than paper; kindly provide some tangible benefit to a paper card that makes it superior to the SmarTrip.

No one is being extorted. Penalized, perhaps; however, paying that penalty is solely at the express request of the customer. Surely you will take at least 5 trips on the subway within a few months...in which case the card has paid for itself. And, since you will more than likely ride the subway more than 5 times you incur no further "premium" charges (or penalty) for it unless you have to replace your card for some reason (I have had mine for over 12 years now).

Frankly, there is absolutely no reason for anyone who lives in the area and uses the subway on even a semi-regular basis to not have a SmarTrip. Let tourists pay the surcharge.
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