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This is a sub-selection from Root of the Advertising problem

fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
reply to buzz_4_20

Re: Root of the Advertising problem

said by buzz_4_20:

The biggest problem is that ads (aka: tricking, convincing, selling, cramming utter bullsh*t in our faces, brainwashing, tracking, targeting) people into buying crap is far more profitable than making products and services that are actually worth buying.

That's bullshit and you know it. If people didn't want to see a movie or listen to a song they wouldn't be pirating it.


Limestone, ME
·Pioneer Wireless

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I don't believe you understood the point of that post.

Yes people want to watch movies and shows, yes they will pirate that content, that's not what that post was about.

Look at how hard crappy products, services and media are advertised.

Look at the giant ad push for movies that are just plain crap.
Look at the ad pushes of junk pop music.

You think those "Beats by Dre" headphones would stand on their own merit?
Or that people would buy Air Jordans based on the quality and workmanship of the shoe alone?

What happened to just making the best product and letting it do the talking for itself.

The best quality food items don't come from the store with the big lights, loud commercials and flyers in the paper. It comes from the local farm stand or farmers market.