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Aurora, CO
reply to cymraeg

Re: WoW needs to incorporate WvWvW comabt like GW2

So it's a 3 way BG, that if I read other posts right is just continual? So like if one person from a team leaves another one from a que for his realm that is next in line would get in? Or is there a time limit and whatever team gets the most kills is the winner?

The problem with truly continual BG's is, PVP rewards right now are based on honor points, and most of those come from winning randoms and holiday weekend BG's. If it were all continuous you'd have to tweak the rewards system a bit.
He who controls the Spice, controls the universe.

Nick D
Orange, CA

Yeah, it's basically tri-realm Wintergrasp (with vehicles and resources and other weird objectives), except it lasts for like a week. Also, apparently how well your realm is doing affects the entire server. You get XP bonuses, world damage bonuses, etc.

Note: first time I looked at anything about it was 5 minutes ago, so I might be missing something very important in there.