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[BC] port forwarding

I needed to the wireless functions of my seimens gigaset se567 but I already have a mini homenetwork in place.

Here is what I did.
I have an adsl modem with no router in it and no wireless functions that I originally got from telus.
I used the adsl from the modem and piped it into a hardwired lan connection on my xp box .
I used the internet connection sharing from the xp box to act as a router. It governs the net address translation and dhcp functions as well as the dns server from the wan side.
I routed the other computers into a normal switch hub hard wired .
I then used the se567 as a switch instead of a router and set its dhcp to the same ip range and subnet mask of the dhcp on the xp box
If you are using the standard 192 range for example the settings should be
gigaset home address : 192.168.0.(2-255 I chose 10)
gateway : ( which is the same as the xp box)
dns : ( same as xp box )

I then connected the gigaset to the normal switch via a lan cable .
I now have full wireless on my smartphone and one of my computers is fully visible to the internet where I can run my ftp and web server as well as remote desktop without the gigaset getting in the way .
Seems to be working all right although I haven't had a chance to test the xp port forwarding inside the lan with this configuration because I don't have any other boxes with services running on them that need net access.


No matter how bad a hardware router is perceived to be, it is better than XP ICS. So the question is why???


Edmonton, AB
reply to pfosg567
I have to agree with ruiner. This whole setup sounds like it has many gaping security holes. If you want a secure router computer, run Linux on it and configure the firewall good. It sounds like you have the Speedtouch ST516v6 (a small, blue modem). I have the same modem and it's connected to a Linksys e3200 which has gigabit ethernet, and wireless N 300 on both the 2.4 and 5 Ghz band simultaneously. I don't know why you even need a computer as a router to begin with unless you're running a business, but at least stop running XP on it. Sorry for running down your setup, but it is most likely dangerously insecure.

If you don't like the Telus all-in-one you have, get the Telus Actiontec all-in-one. Wireless N 300, gigabit ethernet, but it has problems like UPnP randomly crashing and DHCP reservation not working properly. So what I mean to say is if you don't like the Telus all-in-ones, please for the good of all devices on your network buy a normal wireless router from D-Link, Linksys, ASUS, etc. If you want a great alternative router OS for a store bought one that has the compatibility, check out DD-WRT.

If you really want to use a computer as a router, at least go to a Linux OS like Ubuntu or upgrade to Windows 7.


I have been using an xp box for years. i used vista for all of 5 minutes and threw it out. haven't tried windows 7 yet but from what I have seen it isn't anywhere near as easy to setup as xp and its permissions model sucks.
The gigaset router's firmware is so badly butchered by telus nothing works on it except the normal router functions for outbound only.
With my setup I have port forwarding working on the xp box and the xp2 firewall I think is reasonably secure.
If anyone wants to post a link to a vulnerablilty exploit I am all ears and would appreciate that!


You mean like this one? »www.scmagazine.com/dos-exploit-f···e/34059/

XP is well known for being full of holes, and using that as your primary defense just doesn't seem like a good idea. Especially when there are routers that far outperform ICS's routing capabilities and speed available for under $30.