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PX Eliezer7
Hutt River
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Re: Where Am I Listed ?

Re: Where Am I Listed ?

While Ross Perot amused crowds with his snarky comments, his running mate, Vietnam War hero Admiral James Stockdale, struggled to transform himself into a public figure. The famously self-deprecating Stockdale opened the vice-presidential debate in 1992 by asking, "Who am I? Why am I here?"

The line, meant to poke fun at his lack of political experience, left viewers simply wondering....



BellCanada may primarily use its own POTS LIDB database, and also trade info with other major Canadian Potsies.

Simply because they ARE the northern branch of the evil empire, they may feel they do NOT need to pay any outside company for LIDB information.

By contrast, Anveo and other VoIPP [do] pay good money to major LIDB accumulators, so Anveo's data may be superior to BellCanada's.

[Now that Malheur Bell was merged out of existence, the only two North Am telecom companies that still use Mr. Bell's name are BellCanada and Cincinnati Bell. And I wish that BellCanada wouldn't.]