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Fort Lauderdale, FL
reply to ropeguru

Re: VZW Home Phone Connect

said by ropeguru:

What really gets me though is that in the past, keeping the phone system operational during times of disaster was mandated. That is to the best of their abilities given damage to infrastructure.

Wireless has taken that one.

Now days with Verizon and FIOS, they have been released of providing that redundancy for the end user to have phone during a disaster. All the responsibility falls back on the customer to find a way to keep the ONT powered when power is out. In my opinion, we have taken a giant step backwards in the landline industry when FTTH came into play.

This has been the subject of many articles in the Telecomm rags, telco’s know the ongoing problems with copper and power and want to get away from it as much as possible leaving them with two choices load the ONT’s with a backup battery and eat the every four or five year cost of a truck roll and a new battery if it didn’t screw up the ONT or dump that responsibility off to the end user.

VZ took the later route.

Madness takes its toll, please have exact change ready…

North, VA
Verizon here does not care about the land line business. They have reduced the work force to almost nothing and is in constant battle with the State Corporation Commission on their poor service. The land line workforce is union (CWA).

Mechanicsville, VA
reply to 49528867
Problem is, if you look at the agreements, the onus is on the customer for battery purchase and replacement. If the customer wants Verizon to replace it, then it is an additional charge.

So just another way for Verizon to profit and leave the customer out in the cold.