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Verona, NJ
reply to djoropallo

Re: [DVR] 7232 Slow, Unrepsonsive Until Warms Up or a Reboot

Verizon is looking into this.


Glad Verizon is looking at it.

I've had the same problem on all three of my STBs for several weeks. I had my router replaced. Did nothing. I didn't expect it to, but went from a G to an N for free.

Yesterday, I didn't run into any issues. Maybe Verizon already fixed the problem. I'm in VHO4.


Carrollton, TX
reply to djoropallo
I think it has been going on since upgrading to 1.9.1


reply to KidHorn
I spoke too soon. The problem was the worst ever last night. It seemed like every time I pressed a button on the remote it took a minute or two to respond.


King Of Prussia, PA
reply to djoropallo
Wow, glad I found this because I am having the exact same problems. I have 2 7232's and this has been driving me nuts. When the box has been idle for a while (i.e. I haven't been using it) the first time I try to change a channel or do anything it hangs for anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes. It has been driving me nuts!!! I am in VH08 as well.


Carrollton, TX
reply to djoropallo
I was seeing this frequently. Then I altered the menu/settings/telev ision/Info Bar Time Out to 2 seconds. No longer saw the problem for a week or more.
I've just returned it to 10 seconds, to monitor.
Now this may be totally off in left field, I just wanted to share it.

Franklin Square, NY
It is totally out in left field. That would have nothing to do with what everyone is experiencing. No one can even access the menu or guide when this happens. I guess you just got lucky.


Keller, TX
reply to bt06437
said by bt06437:

I was seeing this frequently. Then I altered the menu/settings/telev ision/Info Bar Time Out to 2 seconds. No longer saw the problem for a week or more.
I've just returned it to 10 seconds, to monitor.
Now this may be totally off in left field, I just wanted to share it.

You and I are in VHO 1. I think Verizon has been doing some under the covers updating of the software in the STBs and they screwed things up royally, and last week they did an update in at least the DFW part of VHO 1 that fixed, or mostly fixed, the problem.

I had the problem for several months, but some time between Sunday night 8/19 and Wednesday afternoon 8/22 the problem mostly disappeared for me (not sure exactly when, I was out of town). I no longer have any of the long delays and missed or queued up button presses, but my 7232 DVR is still somewhat slower than it was before 1.9.1. My 7100-P2 boxes have not been affected by this problem at all.
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Maple Shade, NJ
reply to bt06437
said by bt06437:

I was seeing this frequently. Then I altered the menu/settings/telev ision/Info Bar Time Out to 2 seconds. No longer saw the problem for a week or more.
I've just returned it to 10 seconds, to monitor.
Now this may be totally off in left field, I just wanted to share it.

I already have the info bar set to 2 seconds, didn't stop it from occurring, and as matcarl states we can't even get to the menu, no buttons react at all.


Columbia, MD
reply to djoropallo
In the Baltimore area and my 3 7232-2 HD DVRs and 2 7216 HD STBs are all experiencing this problem. It's the worst for the first TV of the day (the one in my son's room) so now I set the channel to 263 when I turn it off the night before because a channel change within 4 minutes simply does not happen.

But it's happening to all 5 sets and at all times of the day and is really p*ssing the spouse off. She's fumble fingered as it is, so to mispress and not be able to go back "right now" is making my life miserable

I'm going to say I first realized this was happening around mid-July but only on the kids set, the fact its happening now on all 5 is more recent. Yes, we have multi-room.


This problem is getting worse. Now it's just not at warm up it's happening anytime during tv watching. Try to change channel, pull up the guide, go to the menu for on demand/dvr etc etc...delay delay delay.

It started out as just a warm up problem but it's growing.

Come on Fios fix it. it's killing my enjoyment of tv watching after a long day at work.


Township Of Washington, NJ
I have the same problem with a QIP7100.
Sometimes I go to change channels and there is a long delay.
The box needs a reboot to go back to normal.


Maple Shade, NJ
reply to JH28
I thought it was getting a little better, but I was wrong, it has gotten worse. It takes forever to change the channel when I turn on the box, VOD seems to takes years to load and play, if it can, sometimes I get some was unable to process your request try later error messages.


Lutherville Timonium, MD
reply to djoropallo
I have the same problem (VHO4). Has anyone posted this issue in the "official" Verizon forum or Verizon direct.


Long Beach, CA
·Verizon FiOS
There are MANY posts on the "official" Verizon forum: »forums.verizon.com/t5/FiOS-TV-Te ··· p/470039. They even made it a sticky thread.


Pittsburgh, PA
reply to djoropallo
Starting happening for me a few days ago. It doesn't happen all the time, though. It's been pretty random.


Manassas, VA
reply to djoropallo
I've had the same problem forever since I switched from a 64xx box after 1.9 was downloaded. I am in VH04. I asked what the problem was on this forum a long time ago and got no real answers on what was causing this.

The time it takes to function completely is variable from a second or two to about a minute.

The functions seem to activate one at a time with the channel up/down first followed by the DVR and usually last the guide.

BTW leaving the box powered up with the TV off changes nothing so it would seem there is some kind of download going on when a box function is requested after being non active for a long time.


Union, NJ
reply to djoropallo
Same problem on all STBs in the house, but the 7232 is definetely slower. Bummer!!!


reply to djoropallo
DVR 7232

I'm not having any issues-so far.

My mother who lives less then ten miles away is, with another symptom.

I noticed it twice on her box, today the clock was flashing the wrong time. After 3PM it was stuck on 11:18 (I don't remember if it was PM or AM). It happened last week too but as soon as I turned it on last week, up came the correct time.

Today I couldn't turn the box on from the remote. I turned it on from the front panel. Then turned it off and the time was correct. Turned it on again from the front panel and couldn't bring up guide or change channel. Suddenly the channels changed as many times as I had hit them.

A few minutes later everything was responding normally.

I have suggested to my mother to not turn off the box until this has been solved.

Denton, TX
·Verizon FiOS
reply to djoropallo
I've been having the 1 or 2 minute hang for quite some time now on my 7232. I asked about it here back then. My SD STBs don't do this. Regardless it happened a short while after IMG 1.9 got pushed IIRC. Seems back then it may have been much more isolated. Now it appears to be expanding judging by the responses in this thread.
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Bedford, MA
reply to djoropallo
This is beyond annoying. And it has nothing to do with warming up or not in my case. It just randomly hangs when switching channel or going into DVR.

I can't believe it's taking this long...

Andover, MA


Wynnewood, PA
reply to djoropallo

Any update on this? 30 seconds to change a channel is just crazy. And it is getting much worse.


Harrisburg, PA
same problem here in Harrisburg


Montvale, NJ
Same here and MR feature not working. Had someone here last weekend who changed some splitters, updated power supply, checked everything and all was working as normal.

Last night, same thing - lost MR and response on all boxes (7216, 7232s) was intolerable.

I was a first gen adopter in VHO7, as soon as it was available, but this is a dealbreaker.

Calling tonight for service on Sat. I don't care if they have to rewire the whole house and put in all new equipment. I pay a lot for this and if they can't maintain proper operating conditions I (and we) can go elsewhere).

This thread is going on 3 weeks old. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? Can't FF, RW, change channels, etc.

I can deal with an almost imperceptable decrease in PQ for equipment that WORKS (even if the interface is like that of a Commodore 64 ).


West Chester, PA
reply to djoropallo
Since clearly it's not a splitter or wiring issue (being so wide-spread) it's likely software. It seems like every time they tweak the OS for box (especially when it comes to VOD tweaks) it seems to mess up the boxes.

Des Verizon not alpha and beta test? This is the kind of thing that seems likely to have been evident. And where is the communication on the issue? When you have a known issue, you communicate it to your installed base, in part to cut down on call center volume, in part because it is good business.

But Verizon doesn't much seem to care about running its business well, does it?
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Exton, PA
said by MagScribe:

Des Verizon not alpha and beta test? This is the kind of thing that seems likely to have been evident.

To be fair this issue didn't start for me until weeks after the upgrade (and from the dates on this thread that seems to be the case with most users) so it may not necessarily be related.

So far for me it is only the first use after a period downtime that seems to lag. Once it finally responds to the first channel change everything is fine.

Agree about the lack of communication, I have to assume they are aware of the issue.


Verona, NJ
they are most certainly aware. the issue is on the vz forums as well, but yes some public vz answers/confirmation would be nice.


Plymouth Meeting, PA
reply to djoropallo
So, for about the past 10 days no problem. Box working fine. Suddenly yesterday, turn tv and box on, try to change channel and sit for about 45 seconds. Same thing today. It'ssssss baaaaaacccccckkkkkk!


Maple Shade, NJ
Mine hasn't changed at all, takes forever to change the channel.