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Re: [DSL] Good News - DSL upgrades

said by 34764170:

said by eots:

This is only good news for customers on the 12Mbps package, they're the only ones getting a free upgrade and the rest of us are still paying full price. I'd rather TSI reduced my speed to 15Mbps from 16Mbps and charge me the old 12Mbps price.

This is disappointing news as far as I'm concerned.

Huh? The news is good for everyone. You're whining because you didn't get something for free.

Seriously how is this good news for EVERYONE? I don't see it, there are no changes for anyone on the 16Mbps plan, we're only 1Mbps higher than the new 15Mbps level, so big deal! The best deal is for the customers with 12Mbps plan who are getting 3Mbps more speed at no additional charge.

What I'd like to see is TSI offering the 10Mbps upload speed on the 15Mbps plan not just the 25Mbps.