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Re: How to rollback firmware

Since the firmware the ISP pushed to me and a few others is not what is on every other modem yet I am hoping a restore to factory conditions would give me their "current for everyone else firmware". They say they have processes in place that automatically upgrades any modem that isn't on the most up to date firmware within 15 minutes of that modem coming online.

My concern is what other changes would the restore make that might cause problems. Or will everything be back to good in those first 15 minutes as they say.

Raleigh, NC

A "factory reset" will not change anything. (certainly not the firmware) Erasing the learned configuration will do nothing at the head-end, which is where all the setting come from. Best case, it'll take 30 minutes to reconnect (since it has no knowledge of what channels to use, it has to search all of them) and then you'll be right back where you were.

They are most likely lying. The modem knows to download new firmware when it's config file indicates a different version than it's currently running. It only gets a new config file when it reboots. While the operator can command a modem to restart, most ISPs won't do that a) it breaks the customer's network, and b) restarting too many at once will overload the tftp server providing the firmware. (it's easier to wait for the modems to reboot on their own)



Due to my insistence the ISP rolled back the firmware. In doing s0 they severed the diagnostic interface. I had to cajole them in to reenabling it. They really dislike when someone knows something.

Heads up to anyone who has or will have the Watchdog Timer function due to Cisco updating firmware, it stinks.



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My ISP (WOW) went ahead and did a wide roll out of the firmware for the DPC2100r2 that they know has issues due to the watchdog timer.

I've already had one reboot due to the timer already and know I will have more.

My question is how much damage will the constant reboots do to my modem?