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Santa Monica, CA
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reply to DrModem

Re: What They'll Find

said by DrModem:

If you watch the monthly average amount of television in via streaming standard definition (~100 hours) you will use roughly 34gb. 720p will double that usage. 1080p will have you well over 100gb. This is not a niche usage. Between Netflix and Amazon it's quite simple and increasingly more common.

And that's only one common usage. Another, Steam, will cost you 8-12gb for a single game. And then there are others, like video chatting. Even basic web surfing is not exactly a light activity anymore. That's all for one person. Families do that many times over because they have many people.

This is not 2006. The average household doesn't use only 20 gb anymore.

Actually, they do. The 2009 FCC study showed between 9GB and 11GB average, with a MUCH LOWER MEDIAN of less than 2GB. In other words, the "average" is heavily influenced by a small number of data-hog households. ("The top 20% of users consume 80% of the total bandwidth").

Surveys and projections from Cisco and (taken with a healthy dose of skepticism) AT&T also cite "average household" consumption levels of less than 20GB in 2010-2011, while charting substantial increases year-over-year.

Regardless, all of these stats fall way short of the 150GB cap for DSL, and we've seen industry start to raise wired caps, as well as offering commercial tiers without caps.

Wired caps will probably go away after a few years of political posturing, to be replaced by per-device-registration and sim-authentification-for-wifi and throttling-by-device and toll-free delivery packages.