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Lansing, MI

Weird service issue

I always seem to have weird issues nobody else has. Sorry this is so long.

I have had Verizon from before they even were Verizon. I can't remember the original company, but it probably doesn't matter. I am on Americas Choice II plan from way back. I have never changed it because it suits me perfectly, and it has unlimited data.

What happens is, when I get to some unknown distance from home the phone will not ring in. The other party doesn't notice anything unusual, it rings like normal and goes to voicemail after ringing. My phone doesn't say I have missed any calls. I can call out, I get voicemail notifications, I can send and recieve SMS messages, and I can do everything on the 'net. The service works fine at home, and from what I can tell in the whole state of Michigan. In fact it seems to work in some (not all) of the upper Midwest.

The issue is not phone related because it did it with all my past phones, my Startac, the V710, the original Razr, and my current phone the Commando. I update the PRL on a regular basis so I doubt that is the problem. I don't get the roaming signal when this is happening, and I am on 3g or sometimes 1X when this happens according to the phone.

Because I don't travel that frequently, I always forget until I am away and this happens. I don't want to go to a Verizon store or call customer service because I am afraid they will muck up my plan and I will lose unlimited data.

What I think has happened is that because my account is from the old phone company, Verizon thinks I still should only get the coverage area of the original plan.


Anyone ever heard of this problem before?

Is there a forum anywhere that has direct Verizon CS representatives like our Comcast Direct forum here?


Frederick, MD
Are you able to tell what PRL version you have on your phone? You may want to compare to the list here and see if you have the newest one. It could be possible that you have an old version related to the plan. Not completely sure but its worth a shot.. link is below


On The Road
reply to neonturbo
We have this quite often where I am. Multiple phones and multiple accounts. It's Verizon. On bad days, we can stand next to each other and call (from landline or cell) and none of our phones will ring or give a notification of a missed call. But eventually they will give notice of voice mail. Here, it's impossible to used Verizon for business when it's critical to actually answer a phone. It's REALLY irritating.
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Lansing, MI
reply to nfgbrian
I update (or at least check) PRL monthly. It is (according to google) always the latest version.

Besides, how would the PRL problem transfer between different phones over a multi-year period?


Lansing, MI
reply to beck
That is good to know I am not the only one.

The difference I see is mine always works in my area. Even if other people can't get service, my phones have never failed to ring at home or work. It is only when I am some distance away from my local area that things go bad.

Thanks for the confirmation that it can happen though.


Lake Hopatcong, NJ
I do a daily PRL check myself as everyone on this forum knows and post in when there's a new one, there hasn't been a new PRL update since June 27th. I always report those updates to The Roaming Zone's PRL page as nfgbrian stated above which discovers the range for that update.