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reply to PX Eliezer7

Re: Where Am I Listed ?

said by PX Eliezer7:

said by Davesnothere:

I would not want a phone provider to make a judgement regarding what is best for me, the subscriber, and not at least explain up-front to me that this is how they do things....

They probably should explain that specifically in the FAQ, but it's hardly a secret.

Has been discussed here many times over the years.

Possibly true.

However, posts quickly get buried in THIS forum, AND, as I romanticised immediately above, DSLR participants are but a small splinter of the general public, which itself does not get to read, [and in many cases] much less understand the things that we geeks post here.


said by PX Eliezer7:

said by Davesnothere:

....which is either populating an LIDB on my behalf without asking (or even telling) me of it....

When such is [absolutely the standard way] for phone companies to operate in the US and much of Canada?

said by Davesnothere:

Privacy issues and laws are at stake here too, as I have alluded earlier.

I think that's one of the silliest things that I have ever heard....

Everything herein is well known to the CRTC and FCC, by the way, especially the SS7 signaling in Canada.

All the things about which you take such quixotic umbrage, are a basic part of the telephone system.

Be that as it may, I accept what you say about my opinions.

And unlike SOME parties, at least you are communicating with me.

However, as for what you suggest about my wishes/requirements being so unique, think of it THIS way :

How many ILEC customers would simply rather have an unlisted number, and so not have to deal with *67 and such (which they wonder why doesn't work sometimes anyway - your explanation applies there), and also put and end to telemarketers and other lowlife calling, yet without learning how to manage a blacklist in a web portal ?

Some of these folks even consciously CHOOSE a cellular (or VoIP) provider for the express purpose of [escaping the 'absolute standard' way of the ILECs, and] achieving just that, as at least initially, alternate phone providers did not list your number (a possible PLUS to this group of folks), and many ALTPPs did not do the outbound CNAM/LIDB thing either.

Mayhaps I am just one of that silent group of cord-cutters who are not [only] doing it to save on our monthly phone bills.

When I don my John Q. Public chapeau and T-shirt, I sure seem to FEEL that way.