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North, VA
reply to iknow

Re: Deadly Amoebas Found in Tankless Water Heater

said by iknow:

said by Jack_in_VA:

said by patcat88:

If you use a tempering valve, you contaminated your hot water with healthy amoeba from cold water.

I think that little "Inconvenient Fact" negates most of the arguments for having the temperature so high on the water heater.

You don't even need a tempering valve for this to happen. Just adding cold water to temper the temperature low enough to keep the water from scalding will contaminate the 140 degree water.

no, the amount of harmful bacteria etc. is much lower in cold water, so much lower that the governing body of the water agency you get the water from deems it safe to use!. it's the vastly increased amounts of bacteria etc. in WARM water that makes it unsafe, they grow to dangerous levels in WARM water!!. have the condensate from your A.C. tested sometime!!.

iknow again you do realize you can and are entirely free to set your temperature to any value you want and are comfortable with. Nobody here I don't think will try to force you to do differently. I'm entirely satisfied with the 120 mine is set for and I'm still alive.