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[crt/lcd] Cleaning a laptop LCD screen

I had a few small spots on laptop LCD screen (matte) and decided to clean them. I used a small soft cloth, wet it enough with special cleaning fluid (alcohol-free) then rubbed spots gently.The spots are gone, but they left a streaky marks on LCD.
I used then a damp soft cloth(polyester), moistened with drinking water from a bottle, and rubbed around the whole screen gently, repeated all two or three times. The cloth left a lot of small lints glued to screen, but I blew them easily when the screen is dry.

The screen is clean now, but when to look down at the screen at a good day lighting, there is still visible a very thin stripes: can this be a micro scratches from cloth, or this stripes from water? I see, the matte LCD panel are extremelly sensitive to anything other than dry soft cloth.

Belleville, IL

Likely still "dirty" and simply streaked.

I try not to clean unless absolutely necessary. Even cleaning clothes for screens leave streaks on the screen. I've used some from Windex and from 3M.
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reply to pulsar777

I use a Swiffer duster to remove lint and dust and them isopropyl alcohol eyeglass cleaner (PearleVision) and a microfibre lens cloth to follow. The microfibre cloth can also be used dry.
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Bob Anderson

Ottawa, ON

About 4 years ago I bought a new laptop and a flatscreen TV to replace an old CRT TV and an old tower and monitor. I was amazed at the improvement in anti-static technology for the TV screen and laptop monitor. The TV, a Sharp Aquos, never needs dusting except for the screen bezel and the laptop monitor rarely needs dusting but when I do dust it I found like you the Swiffer duster is by far the best way to remove dust; no liquid, no pressure required.