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Pierrefonds, QC

[Internet] Moved from Fibe 7 to Fibe 15 and issue started

I was on fibe7 for internet and bell satelite. They offer me promotion for Fibe 15 + Fibe TV and I accepted it. Now I was connected to fibe 15 and fibe TV since last two week. I have Sagemcom f@st 2864 modem. Afeter my new internet fibe 15 my internet connection too slow. All my laptop, desktop, iphone take time to load any web page which was not issue with fibe 7. I checked speedtest several times which is always good 15.2 MB/ 6MB. Upload speed less which I don't mind. Today I call tech support and they will replace my modem. As per him my modem has not latest firmware. How can I chck firmware? Also I have lots of device connected in "network device" list (gray color) which is not mine. It looks like they give me old modem. How I can delete network device from list? Once in while TV also freeze for couple of second.
I am with bell with past 15 years and I am happy with my service.


Boucherville, QC
Tu peux poster en Français si tu es plus à l'aise.


Pierrefonds, QC
sorry XanderLo,

I cannot write in french but I can read and understand 70% french when I communicate in french. Thanks for answer. You can reply in french.


Pierrefonds, QC
reply to cool50
I got new Sagemcom f@st 2864 modem and my internet and fibe TV work fine. But I have few user questions
1. How I can delete network device when I login Sagemcom f@st 2864 modem?
2. How I can change network device name when I login Sagemcom f@st 2864 modem?
3. Fibe TV detect as a computer in connected network device list?
4. where I can find owner manual for Sagemcom f@st 2864 modem?
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