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Downingtown, PA
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reply to AVonGauss

Re: Deadly Amoebas Found in Tankless Water Heater

said by AVonGauss:

Circling back to the actual problem and original post, its the combination of the bacteria being present (which it almost always is) and using that water in a Neti pot. It doesn't matter if your water tank is set to 160 or 120, when you take that water and expose it to the thin membranes of your sinuses there is mounting evidence that you expose yourself (unnecessarily) to a greater risk of infection. What's not known is how many times someone has used a Neti pot, got infected and not had a severe enough reaction to have the incident reported - or for that matter, how many times a Neti pot is used and no infection occurs.

Yes, as I pointed out early in the thread, Boil the water
before using in a Neti Pot --
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