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[Xtreme] Archer, FL DSL Connection intermittent

has there been problems recently in 32618? my connection has been solid for the last 11 months now just within the last week the connection has been in and out (DSL Light is on but internet light is off intermittently on my Netgear DSL modem). Both hardwire and wireless. No settings have been changed. My neighbors phone got knocked out a week or so in a storm and they had some troubles fixing it.


I Also have the LCP DOWN message on my router each time it disconnects

Archer, FL
reply to gatormaz
Hey, I'm in Archer, FL as well and my connection is very unreliable since Sunday 8/26. I've been on the phone tech support twice now for over an hour each time and have gotten nowhere, I've just been told I should just wait and see if it gets better, and call back if it doesn't.

Depending on when I try it, I can ping a site (google.com for example) about 50 times and get between 35% and 75% of the ping packets timing out.

I loathe the idea of having to call back and be forced into another series of unplug/replug, press the connect button, "you sure you didn't take out the DSL filter?", and entering safe mode because well, nothing else works. There's only so many times resetting or restarting is going to help.

If you get anywhere with them, I'd love to know what you told them to actually get some help.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Also having issues down here in ft lauderdale since aug 26-27th ............