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Hilo, HI
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Re: FCC eyes tax on Internet service

The Sandwich Isle line runs on a little one lane, substandard, one mile long street one block mauka of my street and then on my street. On the little street there are 20 homes (no homes can be built on one side which abuts airport land). Only three of the 20 homes cannot get OTWC cable. (The homes that can get OTWC Road Runner are, in most instances, abutting a side street intersection and OTWC serves all the little one block side streets and several very expensive homes with big lots elected to tap into OTWC cable from the main street one street over and get their electricity that way also).

There are 3 lots near one end of the one mile street that were designated Hawaiian Homestead lots during Ben Cayetano's governorship and a few more at the far end of the street. Only ONE Hawaiian homestead home has been built on any of the lots and it was built about a year and one-half ago. It is next to a friend's home. My friend's home is one of the 3 homes on the street that cannot get OTWC cable (OTWC wants about $1200 to string a line from the main street through other people's property to her house on this back street one block from the main street. My friend feels that is too much to pay).

The irony here is that abutting her home's front yard is an ugly cage inside a fenced area that contains wiring, etc for the Sandwich Isles fiber optic cable that runs along that side of the street. The Hawaiian Homesteads home next to my friend's is the sole home on that street that gets fiber optic broadband for free. Yet, my friend (and the other two homes near the far end of the mile long street) cannot hook up to the line at ANY price. Their driveways were torn up for months when that cable was being laid underground and they had to put up with the mess yet they cannot pay Sandwich Isles to hook up to that cable. My friend has satellite TV and, finally, last year AT&T improved their cell service in our area so she could get broadband through her cell phone at slow speed and $75 a month charge. (DSL has never been, and never will be, available in this area of Hilo so that is not an option).

Sandwich Isles spent a fortune just running the cable underground from the end of this little substandard street, which acquired 6 Hawaiian Homestead lots during Cayetano's governorship, over to the main street and then underground for five miles out to our main shopping center and behind it where there is Hawaiian Homestead area. There is another Hawaiian Homesteads area (big one) a few miles from the little street so that is served by Sandwich Isles cable. But it was a lot of money spent, major disruption of traffic on a very heavily trafficked section of the Volcano Highway, for several months, to lay the cable out to Prince Kuhio Plaza and back of it to the houses there.

I think it terrible that my friend on the one mile street cannot hook into it for a reasonable monthly fee and have decent broadband. There is a great deal more to this major boondoggle paid for by all of us through the USF but I just wanted to mention this one little thing that I find sad as my friend deserves broadband ...good broadband...at a reasonable fee and there is the cable running under her driveway and the box next to her driveway yet she can't partake.
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