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Carson City, NV
reply to HFB1217

Re: Tropical Storm Isaac

Yep, projected to be a Cat 2 and coming ashore at New Orleans.

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Yeah, and while this is no Katrina, I feel sorry for them too. I'm sure some of the memories are still quite vivid.
Even though this storm isn't nearly as powerful as Katrina was, it's very slow moving, and the rainfall amounts could be incredible.
I'm also glad they made it clear that the Superdome would NOT be a shelter...don't need that mess again.

Oh, and I'm also glad you folks in the Keys got away relatively unscathed....looked a little hairy for a while there.

said by SmokChsr:

KeysCapt, silly me, I thought you were in the Keys. Hayward how is Key West doing?

Actually I always thought that as well. But regardless, still glad you folks in the Keys got through this ok. (At least, from what I can tell from reports out of there).
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Saint Augustine, FL
reply to KeysCapt
said by KeysCapt:

Yep, projected to be a Cat 2 and coming ashore at New Orleans.

As with all things tropical, that prediction has now changed to a Cat 1 at landfall. All models still have it headed for Cajun country.

The satellite imagery showed it well right of the projected track over night, and now it appears to be crossing the projected path headed towards the left side of the track (almost due West). While it's interesting to watch, it's not uncommon for tropical storms to not stick to the game plan. I try to point these variances out, since often it will be an update or two before the NHC, will commit to an actual change. Somewhat like my GPS which will try to have me driving on the road it wanted me to drive on even though I've taken an off ramp. Eventually the GPS will give up and admit I exited, but it takes a while before it give up on its projected path.