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Re: [Speed] Speed Increase - Not

said by buzzmag:

Speed still at approx 30Mbps.Tried various speed sites via wired and wi-fi with same results. Decided to do a rest with the battery removed but to my surprise, Comcast didn't install a battery in the TG862. Rest didn't help. So far, no increase via power-cycle or reset.

Have you tried a Hard Reset using the small button in the back of the modem, hold it down for 10 or 15 sec and release it that should work if it doesn't then tell Comcast.

»www.arrisi.com/support/documenta ··· d1-3.pdf

here's guide to that modem go to Troubleshooting and go down to page 48, click on Resetting the Router to Factory Defaults it should be in blue, after you clicked on that you should be on page 45 then start reading the guide about hard reset of your TG862G modem.


Philadelphia, PA
Tried everything including reseting factory defaults. Nothing worked.

Silly me. Just tried calling Comcast and spent 35 minutes of being told to power-cycle and reset which I've done at least five times with no speed imcrease. One service guy rebooted the modem but that didn't help. Transferred me to someone who tried to give me over to a fee based tech support line.