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Gaithersburg, MD

[ONT] 300/65 speed and MoCA WAN from ONT?

FiOS is installing in my neighborhood in MD. They are using the Alcatel-Lucent 211M ONT and the Actiontec MI 424WR. From what I can learn the 211M (anyone know where to get a datasheet on this unit???) has a 10/100/1000 CAT-5e and a MoCA coax WAN port (and from the FAQ only Verizon can configure which one is used).

My question is if I use the MoCA WAN port how could I really get 300Mbps? MoCA 1.1 is 175Mbps max.


united state
Verizon wont use the MoCA WAN port for anything other then Video if you order anything over 100Mbit, the 150Mbit+ plans are all done using the Ethernet port for data.


reply to av3
Are the Verizon techs doing the ethernet installation inside the residence? I ordered the 150/65 package and it is being installed tomorrow, we currently have FiOS and the ONT is connected to the router via MoCA.

We live in a townhouse, the ONT is on the back side of the house, the router is on the second floor in the middle of the house. Are they actually going to take the time to get me an ethernet cable all the way from the ONT to the router as part of the installation?

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Red Bank NJ

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said by TenGauge:

Are the Verizon techs doing the ethernet installation inside the residence?

They can do the cat5e installation but they might charge you for it. My neighbor had a Verizon tech do it afew months ago and they hit him $95 (think it was for 2 hours work) for the cat5e run.
However it might be different for you and others who are having 150mb+ speeds installed.


Thanks for that. I think it's a bit sly that they don't do this for free when you order a service that requires this cabling without informing you that there will be further installation costs.

Meh, whatever, bring it on! I'm ready for my upgrade.

Bronx, NY
As 150/65 and higher requires CAT5, they should install it for free / included in the upgrade price (VZ will sometimes charge an "Internet Upgrade Fee").
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