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Teksavvy Extreme
Toronto, ON
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Re: A good NAS for home use

With the Synology units unless you set up their special array type (which i didn't) it is just standard raid that can be mounted on any Linux system.

Mclean, VA
QNAP is the same way, but some of the other vendors have lock in issues.


Santa Clara, CA
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Bought my first NAS - QNAP TS-219PII


Sunnyvale, CA
Welcome to the NAS club.

Aw Man
Annapolis, MD
·Verizon FiOS
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Good thread, I learned stuff.
Just to throw this out there, here's my setup:1
-Thecus 5002nm four-bay NAS. Currently only has two 1TB drives at RAID0 (mirrored) holding MP4s (movies/shows), MP3s (music), and picture library. There is an additional 1TB in there as auto-failover/rebuild.

-overall, totally happy with the unit. I do wish it supported more than one RAID config so I could do two separate mirrors. As-is, if I want to add another drive, it's either as a standby unit (as is currently used) or up'ing RAID levels.

-AD sync is a little flakey, but not troublesome enough to be a worry.

-I use the NAS Rsync feature to auto-copy the video/audio/image shares to a similar RAID setup on the domain server on varying schedules. (technically, not ideal, I know, but in a home use, AD server is very, very lightly used).

-The server RAID gets the drives the NAS used to have when the NAS drives are upgraded. For example, when the previous 750gb NAS drives went over 500gb used, I upgraded the NAS drives to 1tb and moved the 500gb RAID to the server. Also not ideal to have backup drives have less space than primary, but I'm pretty good at watching usage and haven't had a problem yet...(2xknock)

-I did have to wipe and rebuild 750gb RAID on the server as, others have mentioned, it uses a different RAID controller.

-All computers in the house point to the shares for the media, including the iTunes setups and the AppleTV...and so far, no problems with access or streaming to any device. All works very well.

My biggest concern is a lack of scheduled off-site backup. As-is, I copy the 'pictures' folder to a large USB key and swap it out in the bank safety deposit box....whenever I go there...and remember to do it...

I don't have any geeky neighbors immediately around to consider a backup swap. Ah well. Maybe once my parents upgrade to a faster connection...
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Texan and Proud
Baytown, TX
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I recently bought a Qnap TS-469-Pro
it seems good.

It has 4 drives, Sata3.0 USB3.0, dual gig nics.

Sarcastic Llama? Naw, Just Acerbic
Dartmouth, NS
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As I have stated on other threads, most DSL people seem to have a gazillion dollars to throw at NAS boxes and often thats before one has the hard drives additional cost. So take your 8 bay thecus boxes and qnap aston martins and putem where the sun dont shine (and yes I wont argue that they are incredible and great value - but try to explain that to your wife or husband LOL - talking average home user, not the geek o philes here)

I have two earlier cheapie Dlink NAS boxes 323 and 320 I think, and recently acquired two more, the netgear readyduo v2 and the zyxel NSA325. Both I think on the street are between 150-175ish.

They are more in the ball park of the attainable cost wise with the features that a typical home user would desire...... Performance would meet any home network needs streaming etc....


The Netgear duoV2 peformance spec is on their charts too so I expect a review on that one will be published.
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